We are CarryWork

We bring together buyers and sellers of services.

About Us

CarryWork knows how hard people work and how essential they need better service, the service is making it easier for anyone to buy all services online, including informal services. CarryWork makes sure buyers get value for their money through quality service that is delivered quickly, conveniently, securely and at the best price. CarryWork also ensures service sellers and suppliers enjoin good sales with good experience making sure their hard work pay off.

Our Story

CarryWork journey began when Smart Eseka discovered that people often have difficulties in buying services. Every service purchase means new research about where to get the service at best quality, quick delivery and good price. He also found out that almost every households in the country want to improve their welfare and increase their income, usually, individuals living in these households have skills and talents they will give their all for.


In 2019, Smart decided to research a solution for the problems and contribute to society by making a difference in the service industry.


Smart’s vision, to help service buyers get value for their money, improve sales of service sellers and suppliers, and improve the welfare of individuals and households is at the heart of everything CarryWork stands for today.


With the help of families and close friends, Smart founded CarryWork to bring an offline industry of buying and selling of services to the online industry.

What We do

CarryWork offers everyone a better way to buy and sell all services online. it’s a fast online service marketplace that’s so easy and convenient to use.


Find the perfect service that suits you or your Organisation today!

Why Use Our Services

We are quality

A whole world of service talents at your fingertips. We offer you ranges of talents to work with. We will always ensure the service you pay for meets your quality expectation.

The best for every budget

Find high-quality services at almost every price point. Hourly rates or project-based pricing, we have the best price for your budget.

We are effective

Service sellers and Suppliers are bound to enjoy good sales on our platform.

Quality work done quickly

Find the right service seller to begin working on your project within minutes and get your service delivered in no time.

Protected payments, every time

Always know what you'll pay upfront. However, your payment won't be released until you approve the work or service.

We’re low cost

There are never any surprises. We are transparent and bills and fees are shown upfront.

We’re easy to use

It’s so simple to make a purchase or sell on CarryWork. You can check how it works on the home page. If you do have any queries, we’re here to help anytime, night or day.

24/7 support

Questions? Our round-the-clock support team is available to help anytime, anywhere.

How it Works

1. Create Your Account

Register for free on our website or download our app. Choose between Seller or Buyer.

2. Fund Your Account

Buyers can choose from our different available methods to fund their account. method: Bank Transfer | Cash Deposit | Debit Card | Credit Card

3. Choose Sellers You will like to work with

Select your ideal service seller from our endless list and how your expectations for the delivery and quality.

4. Pay for Your Service

You’ll see our low fees and service fee upfront. Then make payments for the shown fees.

4. Pay for Your Service

You’ll see our low fees and service fee upfront. Then make payments for the shown fees.

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Sell quality services to buyers in need of the service,
get your services done as seller makes profit.